Sticky Situations With Troubles

by Feu Robertson

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Recording by Jérémy Hartmann (February 2016)
Mix by J. Hartmann & Ch. Ganache
Mastering at Parélies Studio

Photos by Claire Bottesi
Artwork by Soizic Legrand
released August 22, 2016

Feu Robertson


released August 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Feu Robertson Rheims, France

Musique bancale, mélancolique, abrasive… de l’antifolk aux crépitements sourds, du post-rock sauvage, des valses enchantées, du Krautrock décadent…
Des rêves d'abandon narcotiques, un dédale de dissonances, des brouillards qui s’infiltrent partout ?
Proche de the Doors, the Velvet underground, the Brian Jonstown Massacre, Movietone, Pavement, Smog, Leonard Cohen, Palace
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Track Name: Young Wooly Rhinocerous
Young Wooly Rhinoceros

Honey Brown
Lovely and warm

Hallow throbbing
In afternoon
Show must go on

Off-beat world
Little drama
For bank swallows

Just a deadline
For an airline
A last flight
For an angel
So, take off
And just go

You can fly if you want
Like a young wooly rhinoceros

You can fly like a wooly rhinoceros
Or just, if you want, like You
Track Name: Sunrise Burning
Sunrise Burning

Deception Island, Telephone Bay
A day in the life, a narrow escape
Gimme some love

Never mind, guns all right
So long, little bird, I will miss you
Gimme some dreams

Jolly Roger, bloody character
If I catch you, I’ll flay you alive
Gimme some love

No one here gets out alive
Welcome to the merry Christmas
Gimme some dreams

Sunrise burning
Restless on your lips
Just life addiction

Miss Miss Miss
Miss Miss Miss
I Miss You
Track Name: True Valentine
True Valentine

You Shine, You Shine, my love
My true Valentine

You’re my bright star
Over a pale galaxy

I’m so sad, my dear
My true Valentine

We spent time and days
Muggy story in my mind

We are not alone, my dear
My true Valentine

O Please, don’t take on airs
And listen to me
A last time forever more,
Cause We are in a dark bleak night
And We walk between the devil
And the deep blue sea...

Towards a big pipe
Under a black over light

You're my true
My true Valentine
Track Name: Jungle Life
Jungle Life

No way home
In all the days
Of pale sun
And light wind

No way home
For the Flute Player
And the rats
From jungle life

No way home
Against the world
And the time
Is running out

No way home
Riders on the storm
On the road
Always the road

No way home
Keep calm and die
For the braves

No way home

O carry, carry, carry on
You 're my sweetheart
O please, ne me quittes pas
You're my Venus
You're my fire

In the jungle life

A thousand kisses
Swings in your heart
And your lips
Are a pale blue hope
Come on dance with me
To the end of love
Track Name: Low Future
Low Future

Small desert of insulation
Jigsaw with no resolution

Low future, wandering
Smokeless fresh-looking

I’m so, so, so alone
Mushrooms and bones

Desert's sound of insulation
And the summer’s gone

Deadpan stolen kiss I blow
Hey ! Return me my shadow

Drinking more, driving slow
Might I know a place to go

Bullshit, off we go
to a cocaine store

Keep fighting
the Dragon inside
Track Name: Dark Blue
Dark Blue

With attitude

Make love
Not war
Our Gipsy western

Dark Blue
Back light
The World We are

All gone
We are just in time

Rising Riesling
All stars around
Like a knight without head
So high in the sky
Track Name: On The Boundary
On the boundary

Evil touches me
Because of you
Kiss me on the boundary

I'm drowned in drink
Some kind of warmth
Kiss me on the boundary

Take me to the other side
Of the bridge
Kiss me on the boundary

Are You In exile
On mean streets ?
Kiss me on the boundary

Ventilation break me down
In a motel
Kiss me on the boundary

Venice Beach, single room
I dream of you
Kiss me on the boundary

Swamp and sorrow, with flies and death
Why can you not feel the sound of my breath ?

Vertigo of desire and suffering
Kiss me on the boundary

We all live, Captain, in a bloody trip
Give me some light please cause I want to burn

Awesome kiss
All over You
Track Name: Ballad Of Loli
Ballad of Loli

Darkside Angel
Hot baby
In Sin City

Darkside Angel
I’m insane
Cause you’re my Jane
My Jane Birkin

Darkside Angel
Remember you
The encounters
Of the Third Kind ?

Darkside Angel
I'm your dog
Cause you’re my doll
My dolorosa

Virgin High Strung Wonder
You're my candy ray of hope

- You! like a dream
- Don’t wake me up, Loli
Track Name: Haunting Old Joy
Haunting Old Joys

Sometimes I feel bad
Sometimes I feel alone
Cause there’s nobody here
Just a little noise

Like a sailor in the storm
Like a bunny on the road
All dear things I forfeited
That whiskey packs a punch

Fate trades with us
He never stops accounts
You can't repeat the past
Everybody knows that

There will never be silence
(over noise)

Sometimes I feel bad
Sometimes I feel alone
Can you hear me in the stars?
Cause there’s nobody here

Like a sailor in the storm
Like a bunny on the road
Ground Control to Major Tom
Just a little noise

Wherever we go
In the spider web
Wherever we go
Haunting old joys

There’s nobody here